Farmstead Arts Light The Way Fundraiser Postponed

December 7, 2012

Dear Friend of the Farmstead,

After much discussion and thought the Friends of the Kennedy Martin Stelle Farmstead decided to postpone Light the Way which was scheduled for December 8th. The damage sustained on the Farmstead grounds after Hurricane Sandy caused us to change the date and venue. We soon learned that due to other commitments and the personal losses of our vendors that we would not be able to present many of the unique vendor items for sale at the event. Lastly, there simply was not enough time to market the event to public to make it profitable. I’m sorry that we can’t go forward this weekend, but we all agreed that it is for the best.

The Light the Way fundraiser was enormously supported by the Art See Artists and greater New Jersey art community. Artists donated over 40 pieces of art to our cause. We would also like to thank the Vine Restaurant, which donated their space to us as an alternative venue. We are truly humbled and thankful for all of the support we have been given during this difficult time.

The fundraising team has now turned our attention to our Spring Farm to Table Event on Saturday June 8, 2013. It is our intention to feature the donated art from Light the Way as our first Art Show and Sale in the newly restored English Barn. This family-friendly event will feature live music, duck races along the river, and delicious food. In order to start raising money for the lighting as soon as possible, we will soon also feature some of the art on an on-line auction site for nonprofits. Please stay tuned for more details.

Once again I want to thank you for your support of Farmstead Arts and the Friends of the Kennedy Martin Farmstead. We remain committed to our shared goal of Lighting the Way.


Ann Rosenblum







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