WAMS Art Project

In December 2016 the Farmstead participated in William Annin Middle School’s  Character Enrichment Program entitled “A Day of Giving”. Students were introduced to a variety of non-profit organizations in the surrounding community and learned about volunteer opportunities within those organizations.

The Farmstead’s presentation explained how we bring culture into our community with a wide variety of performances, classes, workshops, art shows and many other uses of our beautifully restored historic property. Students also learned how a nonprofit is organized and ways in which history and the arts enrich their lives.

The interactive art project below is one way for students to take part in spreading the word about our fabulous Farmstead!

“Decorate our Farmstead Farmhouse Fireplace”

Directions for participating students:
1. Copy or download the blank Farmstead Farmhouse Fireplace
2. Draw, paint or paste in items that inspire you on the fireplace image
3. Rename the image to save it with a descriptive word
4. Email to admin@farmsteadarts.org so we can collect and post on our website
5. Send the blank Farmstead Fireplace to a friend

Farmstead Farmhouse Fireplace Blank

Here are some examples of decorated fireplace images: