Past Exhibitions

June 10 – August 5, 2018

Honoring The Great White Oak TreeGreat White Oak Tree invitation 

For 619 years this magnificent tree served as a gathering place in historic Bernards Township. Sadly, it’s life came to an end in 2017 and the tree was taken down. Since then, our community has come together in many ways to celebrate the life of that Great White Oak Tree. The wood has been shared far and wide, with branches and trunk sections on display and the building of a great communion table for the Presbyterian Church. New life is springing forth in the form of seedlings planted by local gardeners, all in the name of continuing the legacy of this extraordinary tree.

This exhibit featured art in many media, including painting, drawing, poetry, sculpture, music, film and a community art project.

April 22 – June 2018

Artists Showcase: Annual show which featured work by the Farmstead’s talented artists in a variety of media. Artists Showcase 2018

Participating artists: Alex Bigatti,  Nancy Boney, Yvonne Chatlos,  Tammy DeVoe, Glenn Donatiello, Margaret Fanning, Sandy Furst, Irene Grabowski, Kevin Grzejka,  E. Susan Haiken, Heidi Heleniak, Catherine Kelly, Debbie Limoli, Tracy Mistichelli, Peggye Tombro, Edward Walter and Tina White.

February 4 – 25, 2018

Ridge High School Students:  “The Midas Touch”Ridge HS Student exhibit 2018

“The velvet walls and extensive collection of novels found at J. P. Morgan’s study in The Morgan Library and Museum, in addition to the shocking photos of new wealth flaunted by Los Angeles residents taken by Lauren Greenfield, have inspired AP Art and Photo III students to embark on a voyage to animate their interpretation of wealth in the world. Photos taken at the exhibitions personalized by Photo students and manifestations of wealth conjured by Art students, will be shown.”

January 7 – 28, 2018

Picture This: America’s Roots Music ~ Photographs by Stephanie P. LedginOsgood 2018

From Carnegie Hall to the Grand Ole Opry, this stunning array of rare images by award-winning photojournalist Stephanie P. Ledgin documents onstage performances and unguarded backstage moments, historically tied to America’s multi-cultural traditions. “Hear” through the lens the sounds of folk, blues, Cajun, bluegrass, Celtic, country music, and more, captured in facial expressions, postures, and body language of musicians and dancers. This exhibit, derived from Ledgin’s second book, From Every Stage: Images of America’s Roots Music (with Foreword by Charles Osgood), originated at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum and continued at Lincoln Center, among other prestigious spaces.

November 5 – December 21, 2018Some Drawings, Some Paintings By Oscar PetersonOscar 2017

A show featuring works by portrait artist Oscar Peterson and selected students.   This exhibition pulled back the curtain regarding the creation process. Showing the thought behind my art procedure and the (sketch/development/improvement steps) blueprint that I put into service.

October 1 – 27, 2017 – Seven Artists Seven Teachers7 Artists

Showcased artwork from the Visual Arts Teachers at Ridge High School.  Participating Artists included:  Jessica Demcsak (painting/ sculpture); Jim Hamant (painting); Wendell Jeffrey (printmaking); Bruce Morozko (ceramics); William A. Ortega (photography); Laura Phillips (photography/painting); Jason M. Stewart(painting / installation)

July 23 – September 10, 2017SpectrumSpectrum 2017

An art show and sale featuring the Farmstead’s studio artists, teachers and students



June 4 – July 9, 2017Works of Wonder by Stefano JuniorStefano 2017

A collection of pieces celebrating heroes from comic book, pop culture, mythology and beyond.



April 2 – May 28, 2017Showcase 2017

Farmstead Arts 2017 Members’ Show




 March 2017 Ridge High School Art ShowRidge Highschool 2017





January 2 – 29, 2017A Small Thing, But My OwnJan 2017 Photos

Photography show by Jim DelGiudice.