The Cow Barn

Cow Barn

The Friends plan to use the Cow Barn for housing and display of interpretive agricultural artifacts – a particularly appropriate use because this property has been continuously farmed from 1750 until 1999.   A portion of the funds from the 2011 Somerset County Historic Preservation Grant was used to create a preservation plan for the cow shed. After the English Barn is made ready for public use, we plan to seek a future grant to preserve the Cow Barn through replacement of deteriorated fabric in-kind using original construction techniques.   In the mean time we will continue to monitor the structure’s condition regularly to assure that temporary shoring and protection remain sound and in place to minimize deterioration.




The cow barn, circa 1800, has traditional English framing with clapboard and vertical sheathing.   It is 12’ wide (18’ with 6’ lean-to addition), 30’ long (54’ with a 24’ addition and is 15’ high at the peak.


Special features: Alternate siding, asymmetrical bracing, milking parlor equipment.  (courtesy of New Jersey Barn Co.)


Work Completed

  •  Preservation plan, cribbing and bracing installed to support structure until the preservation plan is implemented


Work to be done

  • Replace tarp, monitor condition of building

Cow Shed

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