Wagon House

 Wagon House



The wagon house, circa 1790, has traditional Dutch and English framing with clapboard and shingle siding.  It is 30’ wide, 28’ long and is 22’ high at the peak.


Special features:  Asymmetrical plan, timbers incised for shingle lath (at 13” intervals) on West side only, possible use of clapboard on one or more of the  other walls , middletree(s), blind pegs, most of original timber framed grain bins in place’ cogged wagon hoist, brick nogging and breastboards in the granary, collar ties, crossing wind braces, Dutch, English and Dutch-English sections, full length and partial, butted tie-beams, one tie-beam pegged into opposite layout faces. Courtesy New Jersey Barn Co.


Work Completed

  • Cribbing and bracing installed to support structure until a preservation/replacement plan is implemented
  • Tarpaulin covering roof to protect the interior
  • Boarded up most door and windows so that wind infiltration would not lift up tarp causing damage to it

Work to be done

  • Development of a preservation/replacement plan
  • Monitor condition of building

wagon house






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