English Barn

Historical Description of the English Barn

The English barn as it stands today has traditional English framing with shiplap and vertical board siding.  It is 30′ wide, 84′ long and 26′ high at the peak. The eastern end of the structure was the original barn and the western end was added at a later date.

The original portion, circa 1760-1800 was 30′ wide, 48’long and 26’high at the peak.

Special features: Dropped lower bay for stalls, one bent with single elevated tie-beam, hewn rafters, extremely long wind braces, raising holes in two directions on the same post, long braces, close studding, no purlin system.

The addition, circa 1840, was 30′ wide (21′ as originally built), 36′ long and 26′ high at the peak (23′ as originally built).

Special features: Built separately, moved and enlarged in order to expand the hay barn, raising holes in perpendicular faces of corner posts. (courtesy of New Jersey Barn Co.)

Work Completed

  • Comprehensive preservation plan developed
  • Foundation was repaired to stabilize the building
  • Walls and siding were repaired or replaced based on existing condition
  • New cedar shake roof was applied once the roof system was repaired
  • Most 20th century interior construction was removed leaving the historical envelope intact
  • Exterior primed and painted, stained in 2014
  • Cement flooring added to western part of barn, wood from Navy Ship Yard (circa 1900’s) preserved in eastern section
  • Electricity installed in 2014
  • Current Somerset County Historic Grant project includes installing a “store front” door inside the north barn doors to allow greater use of the barn in the colder weather, installing flooring in the drop stalls, preserving the flap doors between the barn and the drop stalls, additional lighting interior and exterior, installing steps to the drop stalls, extending the ADA walkway to the driveway.

Work to be done

  • Determine type of floor to install
  • Determine if installation of plumbing and HVAC is required, plan for restrooms
  • Perform maintenance required to preserve the current building condition





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