Classes and Workshops

Farmstead Arts offers a classes at our beautiful  Farmhouse.  Sign up today, class sizes are often limited. Are you interested in teaching a class?  Contact Ann at to find out how to set up a teaching schedule at the Farmstead.

 Landscape color painting class, $45 per class with supplies included. All levels welcome.Eventbrite - Landscape Painting Workshops

Instructed by Tammy DeVoe. 

Tuesdays,  8/25, 9/15 & 10/20 from 6 – 8 PM (pick one or more dates)  Accomplish painting an abstract landscape in one class. You will learn basic rules of color and texture techniques as you paint with Tammy DeVoe. The result will be simple, fun and personal.Bring a landscape photo of a favorite vacation spot or one from a magazine. We will simplify the image to create a colorful and uniquely personal painting.You will leave with a finished painting that is ready to hang on your wall.

You are welcome to bring any paint or brushes that you like to use. This class will be fun for all ages.

 Introduction to Scratchboard Illustration.Technical level: High School – Adult.
All levels welcome.$60 fee includes all materials.Eventbrite - Introduction to Scratchboard Illustration
Please bring a black and white photo reference of your choice.Instructed by Colby Ann Theurich
 Sunday, September 13th, 2015
2:00pm – 4:30pm
 This class will introduce students to traditional scratchboard illustration. The instructor will give a demonstration that will cover fundamental scratchboard etching techniques, and how to create highly detailed textures using a stylus. Students will be guided through the process of starting with an initial sketch, transferring their drawing to the scratchboard and beginning the final etching.
 Open Studio will be held on the first Tuesday of the month in 2015. $5 drop in fee, Free for Farmstead Members  6pm – 8pm, Tues, Aug. 4, Sept. 7, Oct. 5, Nov. 2 and Dec.7   Do you ever want to get out and enjoy an evening with creative people?Bring that drawing or collage you have been working on. Beading, knitting, pastels, wire sculpture, scrapbook, sketchbook etc. We can offer friendly critiques, discuss materials, and sketch each other. Group friendly projects only. No oil paints please, or other noxious substances.
 Play with ClayEventbrite - Play With Clay $30 per class (2 classes needed per project).   Instructor:  Debbie Limoli  Thursdays from 5 – 7 PM. Other dates available. Flexible dates and times, contact Debbie to find a time that is best for you and her Learn the art of hand building . Ceramic studio Art classes, receive as much help as you need to create a beautiful ceramic or sculpture piece, from a lump of clay.For Middle School – to Adults set your inner Artist free!$30 per class. All materials, glazes and kiln firing included. (Even a snack)This 2 hour class meets at the Farmstead at flexible dates and times.Each piece will require two sessions, so pick at least two dates (leave at least 7 days in between to allow Debbie to fire your piece in her kiln and let it dry so you can paint it at the second session).To request your dates and time, contact Debbie Limoli 908 705 2266Or
 Colored Pencil Drawing 
Tues, 10 AM – noon, Sept. 29 – Nov. 3  Explore the wide range of drawing possibilities using watercolor
colored pencils. From traditional uses to more contemporary
applications students will observe forms and use pencils and brush
working with still life arrangements, photographic references and
personal imagery. All levels welcome.
 Intro to Drawing with Doug Schiller, $150 for 6 week class, all supplies included Weds, 10AM – noon, Sept. 30 – Nov.4  This class will introduce students to the fundamental principles of
drawing as they gain confidence in their drawing skills and have fun
in doing so. Work with a variety of drawing materials and learn to
create convincing 2D imagery of the 3D world.
No previous experience required.
 Outdoor Studio Landscapes,with Doug Schiller, $150 for 6 week class, all supplies included

Weds, 1 PM – 3 PM, Sept. 30 – Nov.4

Students will create outdoor landscapes indoors as they translate
their 3D world onto a 2D picture plane. An understanding of
compositional elements, shading, color and perspective will help
develop spatial appearances working with a variety of dry 2D drawing materials that will amaze both artist and viewer. Photographic references and imagination will supplement direct observation. All levels welcome
 Advanced Drawing, with Doug Schiller, $150 for 6 week class, all supplies included  Weds, 7 – 9 PM, Sept. 30 – Nov. 4  This class will help students gain a greater understanding and command
of drawing materials and techniques. Light and shadow, line, value
distinctions, composition and perspective will be explored. Individual
instructor guidance on still lives, landscapes and personal imagery.
 Intro to Watercolors, with Doug Schiller, $150 for 6 week class, all supplies included  Thurs, 10 AM – noon, Sept. 17 – Oct. 22   Experiment with color, value, composition and a variety of techniques to make bold, interesting watercolors. Emphasizing personal creativity, students will be encouraged to express their individuality. Demonstration of techniques will be given. Student will work from still life and photographs. All levels