A Showcase of Extraordinary Student Talent from Ridge High School

“Seeing comes before words. 
The child looks and recognizes before it can speak.”  
                 – John Berger, Ways of Seeing

Our Farm House may be closed but our online art gallery is always open!

We applaud the talented artists and their teachers from Ridge High School and hope you do, too!

Read about “Word Play” below; click on the images and scroll through the gallery. Enjoy!

What we say and how we say things defines our person. Read More.....

Through years of processing what we see, from infancy to adulthood, the words we choose are signifiers and indelible impressions of our identity.  Words expand our understanding of ourselves and others.  They can reveal cultural backgrounds, education, economic class and perspective of life. How text informs us today and its evolution in our tech driven settings continues to impact how we make sense of our lives.  What are words to teenagers today? Does it exist in the form of a written letter? Emoji’s and text combined are forming a hybrid new language and creative forms of text expressions are limited to a set number of characters.  So what are words to the next generation? 

The artwork for this exhibition challenges these notions in a variety of themes.  From our expectations of word response to nonsensical combinations, like passwords that we’re prompted to change every few months. Ridge High School Art students explored their understanding of using text in a visual way. The work is often whimsical and thought provoking with clever word play. Appropriation of forms, overlapping symbols and color play with perceptions of meaning


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