Prominent Residents

Born in Scotland and educated in the school of medicine at the University of Edinburgh.  Dr. Kennedy and his family arrived in New Jersey in the 1740s. 

He pursued theological studies at the Presbytery of New Brunswick  he was licensed to preach in 1748 and ordained in 1750 by the Presbytery in New Bruns…

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Born in either Piscataway or Somerset County, Martin lived with his parents in what is now Warren Township. As a young man he married, raised a family and evidently prospered and became sufficiently well-established to take on roles in public affairs.  In addition to being a landowner, he was appointed coroner in 1774 in Sussex … 

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Members of the Stelle Family owned and occupied the farmstead from 1794 until 1945. 

Oliver Stelle (1756 – 1832) and his brother Samuel, stepsons of Col. Ephraim Martin, acquired the property in 1794.

Oliver Stelle, a farmer and investor, becomes sole owner and the property… 

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Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, he attended the Pacific Academy in Newburgh, Oregon prior to college. A private secondary school, it was during his time in this Quaker school where he first became interested in science, mathematics and physics.

He attended college at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon while living on at home to help …

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The Kennedy Martin Stelle Farmstead National Register Nomination which includes the details about the importance of the Farmstead buildings and structure based on their design, materials, form and style. A detailed bibliography is included which highlights enhancements made to the property and building by its various owners over a 250 year period.

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