Stelle Family

Members of the Stelle Family owned and occupied the farmstead from 1794 until 1945.

Oliver Stelle (1756 – 1832) and his brother Samuel, stepsons of Col. Ephraim Martin, acquired the property in 1794.

Oliver Stelle, a farmer and investor, becomes sole owner and the property remains in the Stelle family for 150 years. Records show that Oliver acquired extensive property holdings in Bernards Township and vicinity, including farmland adjoining his homestead, several houses, a cider mill and a distillery.

Son Clarkson Stelle (1798—1850) inherits the property in 1832 and continues to run the farm adding a cow barn and an addition of hay barracks to the existing barn (likely the larger east section.) 

• In 1851, Clarkson’s heirs are instrumental in founding the Millington Baptist Church and provide half an acre for the Millington Baptist Society meeting house. 

In 1852 the property is auctioned off and Isaac S. Runyon (1819 – 1892), Clarkson Stelle’s son-in-law, purchases the property and continues to farm.

• Isaac and wife Rachel (Stelle) Runyon deed part of the property to Thomas Stelle (Rachel’s brother). 

Daughter, Rachel (Runyon) Coddington (1864 – 1936) inherits the property in 1892.  Her husband, William Coddington (1854—1935), a lawyer, served as director of several companies and served 25 years as an attorney for Union county as well as two terms in the state assembly.  The Coddington’s established a dairy operation at the Farmstead.  

Coddington’s children inherit the property in 1936. 


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